Bestow Beauty Oil 500mL


Having radiant skin that is free from blemishes and looks nourished and healthy is important to thousands of women in New Zealand. Bestow Beauty Oil is designed to bestow health and radiance to skin by ensuring it is moisturized from the inside and the skin’s oil glands produce a healing, anti-inflammatory oil that protects the skin but doesn’t block the pores. YOUR EDIBLE MOISTURISER: Your normal moisturiser only penetrates so far, whereas the EFA’s in Bestow mositurise the deepest layers of your skin. Keeps your skin supple and smooth. Helps prevent blockages and ‘breakouts’. Ensures the skin’s sebum is healing and anti-inflammatory. Helps reduce redness in inflamed skin. Helps treat skin problems from acne to eczema. Also good for your hair and nails.

GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Supports brain function, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, digestion, vision, reproduction, injury recovery, immune function and your resilience against stress. Helps promote the production of healthy hormones.