Janesce is a skin care company with a difference. Our focus is on skin and it’s needs, because a healthy, well functioning skin is more likely to remain beautiful and be better equiped to resist premature ageing.

The Janesce skin care range has been formulated by a naturopath not a cosmetic chemist. Our priority and interest lies in skin health and the treatment and support of the skin as an organ. Designed to compliment our internal skin treatment programmes, the Janesce range of skin care products reflect the principles that we believe constitute a healthy diet – pure, plant-based, wholesome and free from synthetic additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, colours or perfumes. The Australian sunshine, organic growing conditions and unpolluted air assist in producing high quality botanicals from which powerful active principles for the range are extracted. The varieties of the plants used in the Janesce range have been chosen because of their powerfully therapeutic effect. These plants are steeped in varying mediums to create the potent ‘active’ extractions that separate Janesce from any other skin product. The harvest from the organically composted garden is used exclusively in Janesce products. Nurturing the plants is as important as creating the cream base or lotion of the product. At last we have an effective, safe and environmentally sound skin care solution for all our skins.