Bestow Be Cleansed Powder 220gm


Your skin tends to reflect what’s happening on the inside. If your body isn’t eliminating toxins efficiently, this can result in dull, devitalised skin, and can contribute to many skin disorders such as acne, blemishes and eczema.Bestow Be Cleansed is designed to bestow a clearer, more radiant complexion through the detoxification of the bowel and liver and the gentle elimination of toxins.

DETOXIFY, PURIFY, BEAUTIFY Naturally detoxifies the bowel and liver, gently eliminates toxins, soothes the intestinal tract and promotes healing of the gut lining. Three programmes to choose from depending on how your client feels and how much time and energy they can dedicate to their detox. The addition of the Bestow Beauty Oil greatly enhances the benefits of the Bestow Be Cleansed powder by making our cell membranes more permeable (nutrients get in and wastes get out of the cell) and unblocking the fi ve channels of elimination from the liver. Helps improve other conditions such as water retention and cellulite. Results in improved energy levels, greater feelings of well-being and feeling ‘lighter’. Can help improve sleep patterns and the ability to concentrate.