Bestow Berry Beautiful Powder 180gm

“Berry Beautiful is my delicious solution to the problem of the free-radical exposure we have in our modern lives. It provides a super-anti-oxidant booster which empowers your body to protect itself from damage.” ~


• Bestow Berry Beautiful is a super antioxidant powder to protect skin from free radicals.

• Free radicals erode health and damage skin. They break down collagen and speed up the ageing process.

• Free radicals are caused by radiation from technology (mobile phones, laptops and tablets), UV rays from sunlight, pollutants, car exhaust, cigarette smoke and industrial fumes.

• Anti-oxidants are powerful compounds which neutralise free-radicals in your body.

• Bestow Berry Beautiful contains very high levels of food-based antioxidants in the form of berries and fruit. - Berries: Camu-camu, black-currants, blueberries, acai. Fruit: Black Doris plums, pomegranate.

Bestow Berry Beautiful also contains bonus ingredients for additional health benefits. Iodine: Supports proper thyroid functioning, increases energy levels and helps with maintaining a healthy weight. Chia: Provides soluble fiber for healthy bowel functioning, zinc for healing and omega 3.